Wireless LED Lighting With Freedom

Helvar Components’  wireless luminaire products offer a completely new way to connect to wireless LED lighting. One Helvar Components Freedom LED driver works with all compatible wireless ecosystems. A wide range of wireless LED drivers with intelligent luminaire sensors and radio nodes offer unique design freedom for luminaire manufacturers. Freedom wireless products are perfect with wireless control systems like: Casambi, Mount Kelvin, Mymesh, Pulse Systems, Ingy and Wirepas. And, our protocol is open, inviting anyone to connect and stay connected – wirelessly.

Freedom Products

Freedom Node

Freedom Node is the intelligence. It’s also the antenna, the radio unit. It communicates with the Freedom LED driver, other Freedom Nodes or any supported device in the mesh. We designed the Node’s connectivity to be the best in the market. It’s antenna is tested to be awesome. And that’s why we didn’t embed it inside the driver. You can place the Node inside or outside your luminaire and ensure the best connectivity of your products. No weak signals, no design nightmares, no struggle. Just freedom to connect.

Freedom Sense

Freedom Sense is a very small luminaire sensor for wireless lighting control with compatible Freedom systems. It senses in two ways: PIR motion sensor reacts to movement, while the light sensor constantly measures the ambient light levels and adjusts correct light levels automatically. Being tiny and hardly noticeable, it’s also super easy to install.

Freedom LED drivers

We are here to sell LED drivers. But we don’t want to be tied into any specific standards or ecosystems. That’s why our Freedom LED drivers can operate with any Freedom compatible lighting control system – all you need is to match it with the Freedom Node.

How to build a Freedom wireless luminaire

1. Choose your Node

Freedom Node is available for Casambi, Mymesh, Pulse Systems, Mount Kelvin, and Ingy wireless lighting control systems, with support to BLE, Mymesh and Wirepas mesh technologies.

2. Choose your Driver

Choose the best alternative for your luminaire design: SELV60 or non-isolated with wide current range and power options. 

3. Optional Sensor

Freedom Sense is a motion and constant light sensor, that is perfect for luminaire ounting, but can be also mounted independently. 

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