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User Guides

Installation instructions, connection diagrams, and other guidance can be found from the product datasheets and other product documentation.

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Switch-Control 2 brings technological updates to the original Switch-Control protocol for controlling lighting with a simple, mains rated retrievable switch. With the same switch, you can also control color temperature and intensity with Helvar Components iC Tunable White products. This document gives guidance also for Helvar Component’s innovative Direct Control, as well as the cozy Push to Fade control technologies.

User Guide: Switch-Control 2, Switch-Control, Direct Control and Push to Fade

This user guide gives instructions on how to program Helvar LED driver parameters, as well as, how to configure iC colour control features. It also guides the use of Helvar Driver Configurator and Helvar Components Production Programmer softwares.

User Guide: Helvar Driver Configurator and NFC Production Programmer

The Helvar Components NFC Production Programmer is a tool designed for efficient and easy-to-use, continuous LED Driver configuration via wireless near-field communication (NFC). The NFC Production Programmer (also known as NPP) needs a configuration file created with Helvar Driver Configuration software. Both programs share the same user guide

User Guide: Helvar Driver Configurator and NFC Production Programmer

Corridor Control is a feature which enables simple and cost-efficient lighting control with relay-based presence / multisensors. Corridor Control offers straightforward install-and-forget lighting control solution. This ensures increased energy efficiency, lighting comfort and added feeling of safety in various environments. Large base of available different 3rd party PIR / RF sensors with relay can be used in implementing a Corridor Control installation on site.

User Guide: Corridor Control

Helvar Components LED drivers with Internal Thermal Protection (ITP) feature have the capability of measuring LED driver internal temperature (Control Gear Temperature). This feature gives flexible possibilities for the luminaire manufacturers to calibrate the behavior of Helvar Components LED drivers in high temperatures, for e.g. increased protection, improved lifetime management or extended warranty.

User Guide: Internal Thermal Protection

Help & Troubleshooting

Here are a few useful checkpoints for troubleshooting any suspected faulty light fitting.

Help & Troubleshooting: LED luminaires and drivers

This document is a short introduction to DALI, with helpful hints if you are facing a problems with DALI controlled luminaires.

Help & Troubleshooting: DALI

Here is a handy guide that helps you to understand Helvar LED driver product codes.

Product Code Markings

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