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The Active+ Mobile application provides an option to adjust the automatic settings. To use this app you must have smart phone for the application running iOS (version 8.0 onwards) equipped with an LED flash, a luminaire fitted with an Active+ LED driver and the Active+ Sense. (Application may be used also in Android phones, see user guide for more information).

Find the right driver for the right light source in your application! LEDesign is an intuitive tool that gives assistance in designing optimum combinations of Helvar LED modules and drivers, or even custom LED modules. Using LED module’s main input data, the LEDesign tool automates the selection process for compatible LED modules and LED drivers from Helvar’s wide range. LEDesign shows the key electrical and photometrical parameters for the selected combination and indicates whether the LEDs are under or overdriven. What’s more, the tool can also be programmed to display an efficiency graph of the selected LED load, showing how well it will perform. Additionally, the tool allows for very simple energy comparison against traditional light sources.

The regularly updated mobile application for Android and iOS users is easy to use online or offline. LEDesign is also available as a browser version at ledesign.helvar.com and for Windows® PC as a desktop version.

Helvar Driver Configurator is a tool for advanced parameter setting of Helvar DALI LED Drivers, Helvar Tunable White iC LED Drivers, and Freedom LED Drivers. Product-specific configurations can be created and tested with Helvar Driver Configurator. Helvar Driver Configurator allows you to set LED module parameters for Helvar iC LED drivers to ensure proper operation during colour temperature and light intensity control. The tool can also configure other LED driver parameters, like output current, DALI parameters, CLO and a variety of other features depending on the Helvar DALI LED driver model. Programming supports NFC and DALI line configuration. When programming via the DALI line, one great feature is an automatic programming mode, which can be used in luminaire manufacturing, or programming driver parameters automatically in installation with up to 64 drivers connected in the DALI subnet. Also, the possibility to program drivers with command prompt commands and an option to use external software to command programming of drivers makes the Helvar LED Driver configuration process more efficient. For optimal NFC programming flow, a separate NFC Production Programmer tool is available.

NFC Production Programmer is a tool designed for efficient and easy-to-use, continuous LED Driver configuration via NFC. It is designed to help the production line with an easy-to-read graphical user interface and features that are designed in co-operation with luminaire manufacturers. Product-specific configuration files created with Helvar Driver Configurator can be programmed to Helvar LED Drivers one by one or to several LED Drivers simultaneously. Details of the programming can be saved in the log file and printed on labels.